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Brushes for Beginners

Explore these fantastic brushes, ideal for budding artists taking their first steps in art. I've curated a concise list to kickstart your journey, with room to expand as you progress. Check out my other collections to enhance your toolkit further.

Personal preference determines whether you opt for a long or short handle.

The Ultimate Bristle

Size No6.

Perfect for scrubbing in large areas and for stippling trees.

Classic Fan Brush

Size No4

Perfect for water effects and tress as well as stippling effects.

Evergreen Short Flats

Sizes 2, 4 & 6

These will cover a wide range of applications from blocking in to blending skies

301 Pointed Rounds

Sizes 2 & 6

Covering various applications for smaller details.

Smooshing Brushes

Sizes Small & Medium

I use these brushes for so many things such as clouds and foam on water as well as trees.

Munday Mop

sizes 1 inch

Used for softening skies and backgrounds

Eclipse Rigger

Size No 2

for fine lines, tree limbs and boat rigging


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