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Jackson's Studio Acrylics

Jackson’s Studio Acrylic paint is a range of smooth, non-chalky and highly pigmented acrylic colours; they are perfect for artists who get through a lot of paint and who demand high pigment levels in their studio essentials. The range includes 32 highly lightfast colours, none of which contain fillers, toxic pigments or heavy metals. Available in bottles only and with a consistency slightly more heavy body than our professional ‘Artist’ acrylic range, these colours dry to a beautiful satin finish and are fully inter-mixable with any other acrylic brand. By cutting out distributors and wholesalers, we are able to offer our own good quality studio paint at an unbelievable price.

Maz Says: These acrylic paints are perfect for beginners! Classified as studio paints, their squeezy bottles make it easy to dispense the right amount onto your stay-wet palette. Ideal for beginner artists seeking high-quality acrylics at an affordable price. 🎨👩‍🎨


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