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Autumn Falls" is a breathtaking oil painting by artist Marion Dutton. This stunning landscape captures the essence of autumn with its fallen leaves and rushing river, while also showcasing the beauty of the season's light filtering through the trees. This painting is a testament to Marion's skill and artistry and was created during one of renowned artist Roy Lang's workshops. The thick, impasto strokes used in the painting add depth and texture, making it a truly remarkable piece. Signed by Marion herself, "Autumn Falls" is the perfect addition to any art lover's collection.

Autumn Falls

£100.00 Regular Price
£80.00Sale Price
  • The painting is meticulously varnished, signed, and all set for framing. Additionally, it includes a signed certificate of authenticity attached at the back and a second signed certificate presented in a protective folder, making it a cherished keepsake.

  • This painting is a large 16x20 inches and is painted on a canvas board.

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