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MAPP Terms of Use

Before applying as a MazArt instructor you must meet all of the following requirements:

1.     An Existing CERTIFIED Instructor 

You must be a fully certified instructor or have been teaching for at least 2 years.  It doesn’t matter with whom you have your teaching certification I will assume you have reached a certain standard of painting and teaching and therefore able to teach my projects to a high standard. 



2.     Active subscriber to MazArt Academy 

To teach any of my projects you must be an active subscriber to MazArt Academy or have previously purchased and own your chosen workshop in your MazArt Academy Account.  The subscription must be on a one-to-one ratio basis.  In other words, if you want to paint one project it is one month’s subscription, two projects equal two months subscription. Alternatively, an annual subscription will entitle you to access the library during the year of your active subscription.   


What is NOT ALLOWED is only subscribing for one month to access my entire library to teach.  We are creating a win-win situation here and fair exchange.    You can recover your subscription costs in the charges to your own students.  Subscription is as low as £15 per month.  (Feel free to dip in and out of your subscription but always on a one-to-one exchange ratio)  


3.     Filming/Recording is Strictly Prohibited 
You CAN NOT film or record any of my tutorials, either in part or fully for your own personal website, social media, private group, or YouTube. The MAPP agreement is for you to teach in-person workshops ONLY.  


4.     Credit where Credit Due 
You must credit Marion Dutton (MazArt Studio) with the design of her projects and not claim them as your own on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.   I absolutely love seeing your student's works so please feel free to tag me on Facebook or use the hashtag #mazartstudio on Instagram.  Where I am able, I will share and repost (time constraints allowing). 


5.     Advertise ONLY Your Version of the Painting 
You must only advertise your class or workshop with YOUR VERSION of the painting project and not Marion’s.  You cannot use Marion’s images for any purpose other than as a reference to help you produce your own painting.  All Marion’s artwork is copyright protected. 


6.     YOU CAN use a different medium 

For example, if I have used acrylic and you would rather use oil then please feel free to adapt the lesson accordingly.  The colours provided in the PDF Material guide will apply to whichever medium you are using. 


7.     Private Group Access: 

As a MAPP you will be granted access to a private group.  Here you can ask for advice on class fees, set up and any other insider teacher information to help grow your classes.  As the community grows we can all share our experience of teaching and best practices with each other.   I will do my best to offer advice and other tips to help your workshops grow.  You will also be able to download MAPP logos and a certificate for you to use on your own website and social media. 


8.     Added to the MAPP Approved List 
You will be added to the list of Approved MAPP on my website. 


9.     Documents Required: 
You will be required to submit 2 MazArt Paintings for approval with your application form and a copy of your Certification Certificate (regardless of with whom)

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