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Acrylic Painting

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Colours are the original line of Golden Artist Acrylic Colors and are known for their exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency. These colours offer excellent permanency and lightfastness. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or dyes added.

Maz Says: I've become enamoured with Golden acrylic paints, both their open medium and heavy body acrylics. The professional quality offers a glossy finish I adore. Due to their filler-free formula, they are pricier, making them ideal for established artists or those seeking top quality from the outset. Golden Acrylics are now my go-to acrylic paint 🎨

Golden Open Acrylics

Golden Open Acrylics are professional colours and mediums formulated to produce a uniquely relaxed set of working characteristics not found in other acrylics. Their versatility allows artists to explore a broader range of techniques that rely on softening, shading, glazing and creating fine detail.

Open Acrylics remain wet on the palette for extended periods. This means that colour mixes are usable longer, resulting in less waste due to dried paint.

Maz Says: The blending and open times on these acrylic paints make them unique and the finished results look like an oil painting.

Golden Open Medium (Gloss)

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss) and OPEN Acrylic Medium are formulated with100% acrylic polymer dispersion and have been engineered to have the same optimized working time as OPEN Acrylic Colors, making them ideally suited for use with this line of paints. Like OPEN Acrylics, OPEN Mediums will also stay wet on the palette for extended periods without skinning over.

Maz Says: This is a MUST-HAVE product for using both with the Golden Open Range as well as mixing into regular acrylics to make them behave like the Open Acrylics. It comes in a Gloss or Matt finish I prefer the gloss.

Golden Open Medium (Matt)

The Matt Medium works the same as the gloss medium but with a matt finish. Which to choose depends upon your personal preference.

Maz Says: I have no experience of the Matt Medium but it is just like the gloss and can be added to existing (regular) acrylics to make them behave just like open acrylics. Your personal preference will determine whether you choose matt or a gloss finish

Jackson’s Studio Acrylic paint is a range of smooth, non-chalky and highly pigmented acrylic colours; they are perfect for artists who get through a lot of paint and who demand high pigment levels in their studio essentials. The range includes 32 highly lightfast colours, none of which contain fillers, toxic pigments or heavy metals. Available in bottles only and with a consistency slightly heavier body than our professional ‘Artist’ acrylic range, these colours dry to a beautiful satin finish and are fully inter-mixable with any other acrylic brand.

Maz Says: These acrylic paints are perfect for beginners! Classified as studio paints, their squeezy bottles make it easy to dispense the right amount onto your stay-wet palette. Ideal for beginner artists seeking high-quality acrylics at an affordable price. 🎨


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