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Golden Open Mediums

Golden Open Medium (Gloss)

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss) and OPEN Acrylic Medium are formulated with100% acrylic polymer dispersion and have been engineered to have the same optimized working time as OPEN Acrylic Colors, making them ideally suited for use with this line of paints. Like OPEN Acrylics, OPEN Mediums will also stay wet on the palette for extended periods without skinning over.

Maz Says: This is a MUST-HAVE product for using both with the Golden Open Range as well as mixing into regular acrylics to make them behave like the Open Acrylics. It comes in a Gloss or Matt finish I prefer the gloss.

Golden Open Medium (Matt)

The Matt Medium works the same as the gloss medium only with a matt finish. Which to choose is depending upon your personal preference.

Maz Says: I have no experience of the Matt Medium but it is just like the gloss and can be added to existing (regular) acrylics to make them behave just like open acrylics. Your personal preference will determine whether you choose matt or a gloss finish


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