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Zest it 1000ml Dilutant.

A citrus-fragranced, environmentally friendly solvent that can be used as painting medium and for cleaning brushes.

  • Safer alternative to turpentine and white spirit

  • Can be re-used many times for brush washing

  • Used for thinning paint, dries without leaving any residue

  • Pleasant lemon scent

Citrus fragranced, environmentally friendly solvent that is well suited to add to painting mediums and cleaning brushes

Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner is an alternative to 'turps' and white spirit, has a long active strength and can be re-used many times for brush washing.

Our Tip

Over time the sediment of used Zest It sinks to the bottom leaving perfectly clear Zest It that is ready to be re-used. For this reason it is a great idea to have several vessels of Zest It on the go in rotation, so that the sediment in each bottle has time to sink to the bottom. You can then decanter the clean Zest it into a clean bottle to keep it as clean as possible.

Only a small amout is need for thinning paint and it dries without leaving any residue. More artists are looking for safer alternative solvents, for many Zest-it has become the safer studio solvent of choice.

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