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Rosemary Brushes Set of 7 Starter Set Oil/Acrylic

Designed for oil and acrylic paints, this set is made up of the most popular brushes from Rosemary & Co’s Ivory range.

  • Shape: Mixed/Sets

  • Hair Type: Synthetic

  • Handle Length: Long

This set contains 7 of Rosemary & Co’s most popular shaped brushes in the Ivory range, whose bristles are made of synthetic material. The shapes include a pointed round, a filbert, a long flat and a short flat brush making it the perfect set to begin, or add essential shapes to, your collection of handmade oil and acrylic brushes.

Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes are of the finest artist quality having been handmade for the last 35 years by a small Yorkshire-based team. The materials for each brush are carefully sourced and have different styles of manufacturer suitable for each type of bristle, whether it is a Kolinsky Sable, Pure Red Sable, Masters Choice, Ivory or Chungking Hog brush. They are long-lasting and do not shed or wear down quickly, meaning they retain their shape well.

This set contains 7 brushes with long handles:

  • 1 x Ivory Pointed Round Brush, Size 4

  • 1 x Ivory Pointed Round Brush, Size 8

  • 1 x Ivory Pointed Round Brush, Size 12

  • 1 x Ivory Filbert Brush, Size 6

  • 1 x Ivory Long Flat Brush, Size 8

  • 1 x Ivory Short Flat Brush, Size 4

  • 1 x Ivory Short Flat Brush, Size 10

Maz Says: A great starter set for anyone wanting to try Rosemary Brushes


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