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Rosemary Brushes Set of 7 Starter Set Oil/Acrylic

Designed for oil and acrylic paints, this set is made up of the most popular brushes from Rosemary & Co’s Ivory range.

  • Shape: Mixed/Sets

  • Hair Type: Synthetic

  • Handle Length: Long

This set contains 7 of Rosemary & Co’s most popular shaped brushes in the Ivory range, whose bristles are made of synthetic material. The shapes include a pointed round, a filbert, a long flat and a short flat brush making it the perfect set to begin, or add essential shapes to, your collection of handmade oil and acrylic brushes.

Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes are of the finest artist quality having been handmade for the last 35 years by a small Yorkshire based team. The materials for each brush are carefully sourced and have different styles of manufacturer suitable for each type of bristle, whether it is a Kolinsky Sable, Pure Red Sable, Masters Choice, Ivory or Chungking Hog brush. They are long lasting and do not shed or wear down quickly, meaning they retain their shape well.

This set contains 7 brushes with long handles:

  • 1 x Ivory Pointed Round Brush, Size 4

  • 1 x Ivory Pointed Round Brush, Size 8

  • 1 x Ivory Pointed Round Brush, Size 12

  • 1 x Ivory Filbert Brush, Size 6

  • 1 x Ivory Long Flat Brush, Size 8

  • 1 x Ivory Short Flat Brush, Size 4

  • 1 x Ivory Short Flat Brush, Size 10

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