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Pet & Portrait Courses Brushes

Here you will find some fabulous brushes perfect for Pet & Portrait paintings. While it's not compulsory to acquire these exact brushes, I suggest you find equivalents or use similar ones you may already possess.

Personal preference determines whether you opt for a long or short handle.

Ivory Dagger The Ivory Range is 100% Synthetic, Vegan Friendly. A cross between the feel of nylon and hog bristle. The dagger shape is for when a tighter mark is required, and it is very controllable. Superb for hair and whiskers due to the control.

Maz Says: I recommend 1/8" & 1/4" smaller sizes

Evergreen Short Flats

Maz Says: For the 3-day seminar, I recommend using four sizes - 0, 2, 4 & 8, to cover a wide range of painting needs.

Eclipse Short Flats The Eclipse Range is 100% Synthetic, Vegan Friendly. They are great for Oils, Gouache, Acrylics and Watermixable Oils. The Eclipse is a synthetic mongoose which is stiffer than sable, yet softer than bristle. An alternative to the evergreen shot flats You don't need both.

Maz Says: I recommend sizes 0,2,4 & 8 to cover a wide range of painting needs

Series 301 Pointed Round

Commonly called 'Nylon', the Golden Synthetic has some unique characteristics in that its retention, snap and spring are all superb. These pointed detail brushes will add the flesh tones or fur, the sparkle in the eye and those delicate smaller touches.

Maz Says: I recommend 3 sizes for the course a size 0 for tiny details, and a size 4 & 6 to cover all other painting needs.

Ever Green Riggers

Check out the fantastic Evergreen riggers that can hold a large amount of paint and distribute it evenly for the finest of lines with precision. These brushes have a fantastic 'snap' to provide you with ultimate control while painting. They're perfect for capturing fine hairs on portraits or pet whiskers.

Maz Says: I recommend two sizes for the course: size 0 and size 2 to cover all your needs. If you want to go the extra mile, size 4 is a great option for flattening to a chiselled edge and creating some amazing hair strokes

Smooshing Brushes (essential)

These brushes are a must-have for the pet or portrait course. We will use them extensively during the underpainting stages to create soft blended underpaintings. Throughout the course, we will also use them to blend and soften, creating delicate skin tones or soft fur.

Maz Says: I use the two smaller sizes the most often but the full set is also great value.

Mundy Mops

Perfect for adding the final touches to your portrait or pet portrait or smoothing out the underpainting, you won't want to miss out on these fabulous mops. The full range offers great value but for the course,

Maz Says: I highly recommend the 3/8" size for smoothing small areas on the face, and the 3/4" size for creating soft, blended backgrounds. These mops are essential for achieving a polished, professional look in your artwork.

Comber Series 2230

Commonly called 'Nylon', Golden Synthetic has some unique characteristics in that its retention, snap and spring are all superb. They are 100% vegan-friendly. The Series 2230's quirky head shape allows a much more open, separated stroke and is much stronger in construction than the Series 2250 or Series 2240 as those ranges may clog up in Oils and Acrylic paints.

Maz Says: I love these combers the shape is perfect for hair and fur textures as well as creating grasses for landscapes. The 3 sizes I recommended the most are 1/4" small, 3/8" medium & 1/2" large which should easily cover most of your needs.


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